CLOU Edizioni Musicali & Discografiche
(label record company & publisher)

Pino Scarpettini is the founder of “TROLLS” in the 60's and of  the “OMELET” in the 70's.
He also created the label record company “CLOU” in the 1973 which shares it out in an editorial part on hand as CLOU MUSICAL EDITIONS and in a recording parta as CLOU DISQUE on the other.
This historical label record company was a breeding round for great artists such as “Elisabetta Viviani - Pino D'Angiò - Alessio Colombini - Pietro Nobile - Flavio Oreglio - The Omelet - Paula Rose - I Piccoli Cantori del Collodi - Erminia Moscato & New Butterfly Ballet - La Compagnia Del Teatro Musicale - Paul Moss - Mami Rob - Juanma -The United Trio and many more young artists transferred to the majors afterwards.

Office in Milan: Clou Disque Edizioni - via Tajani, 1  cap 20133
Phone 02 701 221 16 - fax 02 710 402 46  (ref. Mr. Paolo Vaghi)
Office in Livorno: Clou Edizioni - via G. Marradi, 140 - cap 57126 phone 0586 260761 - fax 0586 265301 - mobile 348 0062330
e-mail: - - web site:
It's of a great importance to point out that Pino Scarpettini Label Record Company costantly collaborates with humanitarian aims Institutions and Associations, promoting projects orientated to funds raising and social messages spreading ( WWF - Greenpeace - Amnesty International - Unicef - Aido - Ala - Admo) as well as culture associations like “ Spazio d'Autore” and “All Show” in order to find new talents.
At the present the plugging plan is about Paul Moss (Your Eyes - is the title of the single) an American with Italian origin musicians such a versatile artist, singer, composer, poly-instrumentalist of soft-rock music - The United Trio ( Pax & Love  the single) band made up of Paul Moss himself, Juanma Dominguez  coming from gospel experiences and Mami Rob italian singer coming from a long travel among the blues inspirations world.
All around the world they together are spreading a Peace & Love message by means of music…”Pax & Love” is the title of the plugging song and the theme song of the “MAXICONCERTO PAX MUNDI”, show brocasts on RAI 2 channel. The sountrack of the musical “MAYBE” is setting up. A new opus which subject is about a Great Love troubled by a heart transplant and the living consequences link to that.
The Artistic Management is taking care by Pino Scarpettini.
Press Office. Pietro Giannetta.
Administrator Office. Cleta Lovati.