“JUANMA” Dominguez
“Juanma” as his known to his fans, has an artistic course characterized by love for musical and gospel. He lived experiences performing with musical companies playing several famous roles in shows such as “Grease”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Aggiungi un posto a tavola” etc. and playing together with gospel bands touring all around the world.
In the past time spent in Italy he joined the vocal quartet OMELET giving his collaboration in the last recording production in 2003.
In Spain, in Coria di Caceres, bordering with Portugal, where he lived with his wife and his little son Juanma Jr., he finds the right inspiration to prepare his repertory and present it during his performances live or on TV.
Thanks to a show he took part in Spain he met Pino D'Angiò, famous Italian artist in Spain and writer of the song “Che idea”, who proposed him the “Pax & Love” project and an artistic collaboration with THE UNITED TRIO. His Latin voice in a warming Spanish can merge with Paul Moss's Rock and Mami Rob's Blues...such a great harmony!.
Sometimes during his performances he is supported by the gospel band “The joyful gospel ensemble” which he also takes part to merging all with the TRIO getting to a great performance. He strongly believes in missions for projects of AIDO (Associazione Italiana Donatori Organi - Italian Association Organ's Donors).