MAMI ROB whose real name is Roberta Galinella was born in La Spezia. She writes music and words. One of her feature is the great voice. She loves blues best and she plays piano and guitar while she composes melodies. Even if she prefers to leave musicians to play music. When she was really young she travelled around Europe and 1985, by chance she met some musicians in Plaja de las Americas in Tenerife. They formed a band performing in night clubs. It was her first experience. In 1986 she took part in a audition for singers/actors to play the role of Maria Magdalene in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. She jointed the company Zenit which in the following couple of years tourned all over Italy exited the interest of Pippo Baudo who made them perform in his show “Uno su cento”. She carried on a good job working as soloist in cover bands singing also new songs and as session singer for dance music songs, some of which, by the label “dj movement” from Brescia,  sold million of records abroad. Definitively coming back to Italy where she carried on performing, by pure coincidences she has been contacted by Pino Scarpettini from the label Clou Disque who made her take part in the “UNITED TRIO”, together with PAUL MOSS and JUANMA DOMINGUEZ, international artists, to promote the “PAX & LOVE” project.
This event took place during the MAXICONCERTO PAX MUNDI held in Termoli in September 2005 whose TV theme song on RAI 2, is called “Pax & Love”